Mold Remediation

Some States require that mold remediation contractors have a specialty license for any mold related projects. There is a Threshold Value by each state from 10 to 25 Sq. Ft. of visible mold growth that does NOT require mold remediation to be performed by a State Licensed Mold Remediation Company. USR is State licensed to perform Mold Remediation in Louisiana, Texas and Florida. USR is insured and experience in residential, commercial and industrial remediation projects.

Separation of Inspection and Remediation

It is important to know that a mold remediation specialist must NOT perform both the mold/testing and remediation on the same property. This part of the Louisiana law protects the consumer from fraudulent mold findings by separating the initial inspection and the remediation and would be considered a conflict of interest. When looking for a company, be sure to ask whether the company will do the inspection or the remediation and don’t allow them to do both.

In any case of water damage where structural materials and/or contents have been damp for more than 24 hours, it is important to act quickly to prevent or inhibit mold and bacterial growth.

Our dehumidification and air purification equipment will ensure that indoor air quality is not a danger to you or your belongings. By use of High Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filters to remove particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air, as well as dehumidification and physical containment we can prevent further damage from moisture and/or cross contamination.

What protocols for sampling indoor air for mold should be considered?
Currently, there are no widely accepted protocols or regulations regarding biological air sampling. On the other hand, both pre-and post-testing by a State Licensed Industrial Hygienist will assure the job is performed correctly and meets safe standard for public occupancy.

Pre-testing by use of monitored air cassettes and swab samples (cultures) will confirm both the types of mold contamination present and the levels of each spoor as found. At least one (1) outdoor sample must be taken to provide a base line of spoors outside compared to indoors. Once the results of pre-testing are confirmed, the Industrial Hygienist can develop a recommended Protocol of Remediation that should be followed by your selected State Licensed Mold Remediation Company.

Once the Mold Remediation Protocol is completed by the Mold Remediation Contractor, Post-testing should be conducted by the Industrial Hygienist following the same testing methods used for pre-testing. Once these tests are analyzed, the Industrial Hygienist would review the results and A). Confirm the results meet industry standards and your home is safe for occupancy, or B) confirm there are remaining deficiencies regarding the remediation that must be addressed before a clearance can be provided by the Industrial Hygienist.

For more information regarding Mold Remediation, contact USR for more details.

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