Our Latest Community Work

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The Cruzan Rum Distillery in St. Croix, USVI received heavy damage after Hurricane Maria. Upon arrival and in concert with Cruzan Rum management team, priorities were assigned and needs mapped out. The USR team was instructed to repair fencing, clean debris, patch/repair roofs, walls and secure the facility so the Cruzan team can focus on producing its world-class rum.

Twelve days after our arrival, with the assistance of the Cruzan team, the facility was prepared and ready to safely produce rum again.

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Testimonial – “Wayne, the work USR did was excellent, and we are honored for you to use our school as a story for a job well done! Reading this your narrative of the flood stirred up many of the emotions that I felt the first days after the flood. I remember how relieved I was to hear your comforting words when we first drove onto campus. I recall you saying, ‘Darlin, I promise you we can make this better.’ You have kept that promise and far exceeded our expectations.” - Marcia Mackay, Head of School

Southestern Louisiana University


The University Center of Southeastern University after a Category 3 flood waters. The entire wood basketball court of the Arena had to be removed along with the entire ground level having to properly be cleaned and disinfected.

Weyerhaeuser Sutton OSB

US Restoration had the honor of being called upon to complete this project in Heaters, West Virginia. This 5 level production line platform was damaged by a previous fire, and was in need to a total restoration. This restoration consisted of detailed cleaning of all grease, soot, and damaged paint on the entire production platform and its equipment. After the remediation process was completed, we prepped, primed, and painted all surfaces and equipment on the platform. This job was conducted with 25 men, and was projected to be completed in 8 weeks. Through strategic planning and commitment by our trained staff we were able to complete this job in 7 weeks, 10% under the projected budget. This project was conducted while the platform was in full operation without any delays or interruptions of production.

Testimonial from Plant Manager 

“Thank you Wayne for the warm regards. The work that has been completed by your team in our recovery efforts has put a smile on many faces of not only members of our mill, but from across the company when they see the improvement that has been made. Your staffs dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in how they conduct themselves and perform their work and I know our team is thankful we were able to partner up with your company, we have not been disappointed. I am glad you and your team felt like you were a part of our team."

Jesse Merica
Plant Manager

BP Oil Spill

On May 15th US Restoration, LLC was contracted to play a vital role assisting the efforts of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, both offshore and in the beach and marshlands operations. With over 65 Certified Safety Monitors overseeing personnel from Venice, LA, along the coast of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida (Panama City), US Restoration’s role was to ensure proper safety measures were followed by all workers. Safety monitoring included providing immediate medical assistance for all job-related injuries as well as detailed injury reports, recording hour-by-hour heat index reports for all work sites, establishing heat exposure timetables to be followed by all workers, verifying equipment and emergency personnel for each work team at all designated work areas, assuring that all safety measures were in place before deployment of workers, and holding morning and evening safety meeting attended by all personnel.

On September 24th 2011, US Restoration, LLC ceased operations for this project due to BP’s decision to close the majority of the sites.  US Restoration, LLC is proud to have been a part of this recovery effort and we were highly recognized for our exceptional safety record, with our safety infraction rate per worker supervised being one of the lowest throughout the project.

Crescent Crown Distributors

Mr. James Moffitt, owner and president of Crown Distributors, contracted US Restoration to begin remediation and interior demolition of his facility under the careful eyes of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and the Louisiana State Police, ensuring that the 396,000 cases of beer on site were accounted for, and confirming disposal at the proper landfills.
After loading, transporting and dumping 986 lined, 40 yard dumpster loads of contaminated beer from the warehouse area, it was then necessary to perform a complete hygiene cleaning of the warehouse area for inspection by the Board of Health. During this process USR also provided temporary climate control facilities (refrigeration) to some inventory that was not affected and had been cleared for resale.
Interior demolition of the 37,000 square feet of office space included all office furniture, contents, computers, cubicles, ceiling grid and tiles, all electrical components, all sheetrock and floor coverings.
The entire project was completed in 6 weeks (4 weeks ahead of the proposed schedule) by USR’s 80 full time employees working this job. USR received high praise from Mr. James Moffitt for both our workmanship and the early completion schedule. This allowed his employees to return to New Orleans from their Baton Rouge and Thibodeaux facilities, and serve their local customers in a timely and efficient manner.

New Orleans Recovery School District

Louisiana public schools are undergoing rapid and continuous change, and federal funding is being used to make extensive improvements to facilities in the New Orleans area and throughout the state. As a result, many old school buildings are being decommissioned, and materials must be moved offsite, stored, and then installed in temporary or new facilities. Coordination of these moves is very challenging, and USR has played an integral role in the moving and storage of furniture, textbooks, computers, and other supplies which are essential in providing a high quality education to local schoolchildren.  From 2007 to 2013, we operated the Recovery School District Warehouse, providing shipping, receiving, and storage to the District, and working with individual schools to make sure their moves took place quickly and efficiently.  During standardized testing, we provided secure storage and chain of custody documentation for testing materials, as well as assisting in their distribution to and collection from teachers, and shredding of confidential documents. For high-value items and IT equipment, we provided inventory and property control, allowing the state to track equipment from purchase to eventual placement in the schools.